ORA-600 Lookup Error Categories (part 1c)

Internal Errors Categorised by mnemonic

kpor  progint/opi support for streaming protocol used by replication
kposc  progint/kpo support for scrollable cursors
kpotc  progint/opi oracle side support functions for setting up trusted external procedure callbacks
kpotx kpov  progint/kpo support for managing local and distributed transaction coordination.
kpp2 kpp3  sqllang/parse kpp2 – parse routines for dimensions;
kpp3 – parse support for create/alter/drop summary  statements
kprb kprc  progint/rpi support for executing sql efficiently on the Oracle server side as well as for copying data types during rpi operations
kptsc  progint/twotask callback functions provided to all streaming operation as part of replication functionality
kpu kpuc kpucp  progint/kpu Oracle kernel side programmatic user interface,  cursor management functions and client side connection pooling support
kqan kqap kqas  argusdbg/argusdbg server-side notifiers and callbacks for debug operations.
kql kqld kqlp  dict/libcache SQL Library Cache manager – manages the sharing of sql statements in the shared pool
kqr  dict/rowcache row cache management. The row cache consists of a set of facilities to provide fast access to table definitions and locking capabilities.
krbi krbx krby krcr krd krpi  rcv Backup and recovery related operations :
krbi – dbms_backup_restore package underlying support.; krbx –  proxy copy controller; krby – image copy; krcr – Recovery Controlfile Redo; krd – Recover Datafiles (Media & Standby Recovery);  krpi – support for the package : dbms_pitr
krvg krvt  rcv/vwr krvg – support for generation of redo associated with DDL; krvt – support for redo log miner viewer (also known as log miner)
ksa ksdp ksdx kse ksfd ksfh ksfq ksfv ksi ksim ksk ksl ksm ksmd ksmg ksn ksp kspt ksq ksr kss ksst ksu ksut  vos support for various kernel associated capabilities
ksx sqlexec/execsvc support for query execution associated with temporary tables
ksxa ksxp ksxr  vos support for various kernel associated capabilities in relation to OPS or RAC operation
kta  space/spcmgmt support for DML locks and temporary tables associated with table access
ktb ktbt ktc  txn/lcltx transaction control operations at the block level : locking block, allocating space within the block , freeing up space, etc.
ktec ktef ktehw ktein ktel kteop kteu  space/spcmgmt support for extent management operations :
ktec – extent concurrency operations; ktef – extent format; ktehw – extent high water mark operations; ktein – extent  information operations; ktel – extent support for sql loader; kteop – extent operations : add extent to segment, delete extent, resize extent, etc. kteu – redo support for operations changing segment header / extent map
ktf  txn/lcltx flashback support
ktfb ktfd ktft ktm  space/spcmgmt ktfb – support for bitmapped space manipulation of files/tablespaces;  ktfd – dictionary-based extent management; ktft – support for temporary file manipulation; ktm – SMON operation
ktp ktpr ktr ktri  txn/lcltx ktp – support for parallel transaction operation; ktpr – support for parallel transaction recovery; ktr – kernel transaction read consistency;
ktri – support for dbms_resumable package
ktsa ktsap ktsau ktsb ktscbr ktsf ktsfx ktsi ktsm ktsp ktss ktst ktsx ktt kttm  space/spcmgmt support for checking and verifying space usage
ktu ktuc ktur ktusm  txn/lcltx internal management of undo and rollback segments
kwqa kwqi kwqic kwqid kwqie kwqit kwqj kwqm kwqn kwqo kwqp kwqs kwqu kwqx  oltp/qs support for advanced queuing :
kwqa – advanced queue administration; kwqi – support for AQ PL/SQL trusted callouts; kwqic – common AQ support functions; kwqid – AQ dequeue support; kwqie – AQ enqueu support ; kwqit – time management operation ; kwqj – job queue scheduler for propagation; kwqm – Multiconsumer queue IOT support; kwqn – queue notifier; kwqo – AQ support for checking instType checking options; kwqp – queueing propagation; kwqs – statistics handling; kwqu – handles lob data. ; kwqx – support for handling transformations
kwrc kwre  oltp/re rules engine evaluation
kxcc kxcd kxcs  sqllang/integ constraint processing
kxdr sqlexec/dmldrv DML driver entrypoint
kxfp kxfpb kxfq kxfr kxfx  sqlexec/pq parallel query support
kxhf kxib  sqlexec/execsvc khhf- support for hash join file and memory management; kxib – index buffering operations
kxs  dict/instmgmt support for executing shared cursors
kxti kxto kxtr  dbproc/trigger support for trigger operation
kxtt  ram/partnmap support for temporary table operations
kxwph  ram/data support for managing attributes of the segment of a table / cluster / table-partition
kza  security/audit support for auditing operations
kzar  security/dac support for application auditing
kzck  security/crypto encryption support
kzd  security/dac support for dictionary access by security related functions
kzec  security/dbencryption support inserting and retrieving encrypted objects into and out of the database
kzfa kzft  security/audit support for fine grained auditing
kzia  security/logon identification and authentication operations
kzp kzra kzrt kzs kzu kzup  security/dac security related operations associated with privileges
msqima msqimb  sqlexec/sqlgen support for generating sql statments
ncodef npi npil npixfr  progint/npi support for managing remote network connection from  within the server itself
oba  sqllang/outbufal operator buffer allocate for various types of operators : concatenate, decode, NVL, etc.  the list is extensive.
ocik  progint/oci OCI oracle server functions
opiaba opidrv opidsa opidsc opidsi opiexe opifch opiino opilng opipar opipls opirip opitsk opix  progint/opi OPI Oracle server functions – these are at the top of the server stack and are called indirectly by ythe client in order to server the client request.
orlr  objmgmt/objmgr support for  C langauge interfaces to user-defined types (UDTs)
orp  objmgmt/pickler oracle’s external pickler / opaque type interfaces
pesblt pfri pfrsqc  plsql/cox pesblt – pl/sql built in interpreter; pfri – pl/sql runtime; pfrsqc – pl/sql callbacks for array sql and dml with returning
piht  plsql/gen/utl support for pl/sql implementation of utl_http package
pirg  plsql/cli/utl_raw support for pl/sql implementation of utl_raw package
pism  plsql/cli/utl_smtp support for pl/sql implementation of utl_smtp package
pitcb  plsql/cli/utl_tcp support for pl/sql implementation of utl_tcp package
piur  plsql/gen/utl_url support for pl/sql implementation of utl_url package
plio  plsql/pkg pl/sql object instantiation
plslm  plsql/cox support for NCOMP processing
plsm pmuc pmuo pmux  objmgmt/pol support for pl/sql handling of collections
prifold priold  plsql/cox support to allow rpc forwarding to an older release
prm  sqllang/param parameter handling associated with sql layer
prsa prsc prssz  sqllang/parse prsa – parser for alter cluster command; prsc – parser for create database command; prssz – support for parse context to be saved
psdbnd psdevn  progint/dbpsd psdbnd – support for managing bind variables; psdevn – support for pl/sql debugger
psdicd  progint/plsicds small number of ICD to allow pl/sql to call into ‘C’ source
psdmsc psdpgi  progint/dbpsd psdmsc – pl/sql system dependent miscellaneous functions ; psdpgi – support for opening and closing cursors in pl/sql
psf  plsql/pls pl/sql service related functions for instantiating called pl/sql unit in library cache
qbadrv qbaopn  sqllang/qrybufal provides allocation of buffer and control structures in query execution
qcdl qcdo  dict/dictlkup qcdl – query compile semantic analysis; qcdo – query compile dictionary support for objects
qci  dict/shrdcurs support for SQL language parser and semantic analyser
qcop qcpi qcpi3 qcpi4 qcpi5  sqllang/parse support for query compilation parse phase
qcs qcs2 qcs3 qcsji qcso  dict/dictlkup support for semantic analysis by SQL compiler
qct qcto  sqllang/typeconv qct – query compile type check operations; qcto –  query compile type check operators
qcu  sqllang/parse various utilities provided for sql compilation
qecdrv  sqllang/qryedchk driver performing high level checks on sql language query capabilities
qerae qerba qerbc qerbi qerbm qerbo qerbt qerbu qerbx qercb qercbi qerco qerdl qerep qerff qerfi qerfl qerfu qerfx qergi qergr qergs qerhc qerhj qeril qerim qerix qerjm qerjo qerle qerli qerlt qerns qeroc qeroi qerpa qerpf qerpx qerrm qerse qerso qersq qerst qertb qertq qerua qerup qerus qervw qerwn qerxt  sqlexec/rowsrc row source operators :
qerae – row source (And-Equal) implementation; qerba – Bitmap Index AND row source; qerbc – bitmap index compaction row source; qerbi – bitmap index creation row source; qerbm – QERB Minus row source; qerbo  – Bitmap Index OR row source; qerbt – bitmap convert row source; qerbu – Bitmap Index Unlimited-OR row source; qerbx – bitmap index access row source; qercb – row source: connect by; qercbi – support for connect by; qerco – count row source; qerdl – row source delete; qerep – explosion row source; qerff – row source fifo buffer; qerfi  – first row row source; qerfl  – filter row source definition; qerfu – row source: for update; qerfx – fixed table row source; qergi – granule iterator row source; qergr – group by rollup row source; qergs – group by sort row source; qerhc – row sources hash clusters; qerhj – row source Hash Join;  qeril  – In-list row source; qerim – Index Maintenance row source; qerix – Index row source; qerjo – row source: join; qerle – linear execution row source implementation; qerli – parallel create index; qerlt – row source populate Table;  qerns  – group by No Sort row source; qeroc – object collection iterator row source; qeroi – extensible indexing query component; qerpa – partition row sources; qerpf – query execution row source: prefetch; qerpx – row source: parallelizer; qerrm – remote row source; qerse – row source: set implementation; qerso – sort row source; qersq – row source for sequence number; qerst  – query execution row sources: statistics; qertb – table row source; qertq  – table queue row source; qerua – row source : union-All;
qerup – update row source; qerus – upsert row source ; qervw – view row source; qerwn – WINDOW row source; qerxt – external table fetch row source
qes3t qesa qesji qesl qesmm qesmmc  sqlexec/execsvc run time support for sql execution
qkacon qkadrv qkajoi qkatab qke qkk qkn qkna qkne  sqlexec/rwsalloc SQL query dynamic structure allocation routines
qks3t  sqlexec/execsvc query execution service associated with temp table transformation
qksmm qksmms qksop  sqllang/compsvc qksmm –  memory management services for the SQL compiler; qksmms – memory management simulation services for the SQL compiler; qksop – query compilation service for operand processing
qkswc  sqlexec/execsvc support for temp table transformation associated for with clause.
qmf  xmlsupp/util support for ftp server; implements processing of ftp commands
qmr qmrb qmrs  xmlsupp/resolver support hierarchical resolver
qms  xmlsupp/data support for storage and retrieval of XOBs
qmurs  xmlsupp/uri support for handling URIs
qmx qmxsax  xmlsupp/data qmx – xml support; qmxsax – support for handling sax processing
qmxtc  xmlsupp/sqlsupp support for ddl  and other operators related to the sql XML support
qmxtgx  xmlsupp support for transformation : ADT -> XML
qmxtsk  xmlsupp/sqlsupp XMLType support functions
qsme  summgmt/dict summary management expression processing
qsmka qsmkz  dict/dictlkup qsmka – support to analyze request in order to determine whether a summary could be created that would be useful; qsmkz – support for create/alter summary semantic analysis
qsmp qsmq qsmqcsm qsmqutl  summgmt/dict qsmp – summary management partition processing; qsmq – summary management dictionary access; qsmqcsm – support for create / drop / alter summary and related dimension operations; qsmqutl – support for summaries
qsms  summgmt/advsvr summary management advisor
qxdid  objsupp/objddl support for domain index ddl operations
qxidm  objsupp/objsql support for extensible index dml operations
qxidp  objsupp/objddl support for domain index ddl partition operations
qxim  objsupp/objsql extensible indexing support for objects
qxitex qxopc qxope  objsupp/objddl qxitex – support for create / drop indextype; qxope – execution time support for operator  callbacks; qxope – execution time support for operator DDL
qxopq qxuag qxxm  objsupp/objsql qxopq – support for queries with user-defined operators; qxuag – support for user defined aggregate processing; qxxm – queries involving external tables
rfmon rfra rfrdb rfrla rfrm rfrxpt  drs implements 9i data guard broker monitor
rnm  dict/sqlddl manages rename statement operation
rpi  progint/rpi recursive procedure interface which handles the the environment setup where multiple recursize statements are executed from one top level statement
rwoima  sqlexec/rwoprnds row operand operations
rwsima  sqlexec/rowsrc row source implementation/retrieval according to the defining query
sdbima  sqlexec/sort manages and performs sort operation
selexe  sqlexec/dmldrv handles the operation of select statement execution
skgm  osds platform specific memory management rountines interfacing with O.S. allocation functions
smbima sor  sqlexec/sort manages and performs sort operation
sqn  dict/sqlddl support for parsing references to sequences
srdima srsima stsima  sqlexec/sort manages and performs sort operation
tbsdrv  space/spcmgmt operations for executing create / alter / drop tablespace and related supporting functions
ttcclr ttcdrv ttcdty ttcrxh ttcx2y  progint/twotask two task common layer which provides high level interaction and negotiation functions for Oracle client when communicating with the server.  It also provides important function of converting client side data / data types into equivalent on the server and vice versa
uixexe ujiexe updexe upsexe  sqlexec/dmldrv support for : index maintenance operations, the execution of the update statement and associated actions connected with update as well as the upsert command which combines the operations of update and insert
vop  optim/vwsubq view optimisation related functionality
xct  txn/lcltx support for the management of transactions and savepoint operations
xpl  sqlexec/expplan support for the explain plan command
xty  sqllang/typeconv type checking functions
zlke  security/ols/intext label security error handling component


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