IIS 7.5 How to backup the metabase

Compared to version 6 of the Microsoft web server, in the new version  md(x) (Where x was a progressive number)  file is no longer generated during  backup.The file that is the metadata containing the structure of the web server (it can still be generated but it is not used as a backup/restore
The backup on IIS 7.5 is not longer made from the GUI of IIS but using powershell or Shell  DOS  with the too l appcmd.exe (is in the folder C:WINDOWSSystem32inetsrv). These are the commands to backup e il restore:
– Backup: appcmd add backup “backupname”
-Restore: appcmd restore backup “backupname”
“backupname” is the folder that will be created, from there take the files to restore, in directory C:WINDOWSSystem32inetsrvbackup. It will contains these files :
– administration.config
– applicationHost.config
– redirection.config
– MBSchema.xml
– MetaBase.xml

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