Oracle Public Cloud Services: IOT (parte 3)

My preceding articles discussed some general topics about Oracle Cloud Services.
Well, cloud services are a great thing, I agree, but some of you could put the following question:
“Is there any application or family of applications specifically suited to run in the cloud?”
Perhaps there are many, but one of them is currently under the spot: Internet of Things or shortly IoT.

  • Acquire, manage and analyze data sent by a network of physical devices (from simple sensors to flyng drones)
  • Data is used to monitor and control a geographically distributed service, but also to improve its efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit
  • Typical services are electricity, gas or water distribution, automotive market, biochip transponders on farm animals, thermal or anti-smoke devices, weather services

IoT applications generally require a lot of resources to store data (one simple device could easily transmit many thousands of bytes a day!) and doing computations.
In addition to this, data flow is not always linear in time, so you should setup resources for peak use even if you know some of them will be rarely used, with clear cost inefficiency.
Flexibility and scalability at lower costs are the big strength of any cloud solution, and you can manage resources in a more efficient way, with a pay-per-use paradigm.
Oracle Cloud Services offer a complete platform for IoT applications:

  • Internet of Things Cloud Services to acquire IoT data
  • Big Data Discovery and Preparation Services to manage and trasform IoT data
  • Business Intelligence Cloud Services to analyze IoT data and visualize results

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