ORACLE 12c – NAS new evolution

Oracle has announced the latest generation of Network-attached Storage or NAS system namely the
Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4.
ZFS Storage ZS4-4 doubles the performance over the previous version , allowing you to access the
information they need to make strategic decisions for their business even more quickly .
Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 also provides a high-performance protection against breaches of security
with detailed , simple and convenient encryption capabilities .
SOME benefits:

  • It reduces the volume of the storage, the complexity and cost; compresses data 10x to 50x
    and improves performance on average 5X
  • Reduces manual setup and tuning of storage for Oracle Database by more than 65 percent to
    free up administration resources
  • Powered by più core CPU, DRAM e Flash rispetto ai sistemi concorrenti a consentano il
    consolidamento dello storage e di migliorare le prestazioni di 2x su ZS3-4
  • Provides per-database (or pluggable database) visibility and storage analytics to identify
    database-related storage issues with 67 percent fewer steps
  • Provides advanced error detection and correction, triple-RAID parity, and triple mirroring
    for high availability
  • Enables high throughput and advanced data services with parallel processing across CPUs
    and cores
  • Reduces storage capacity and cost and delivers robust security with compression,
    replication, and encryption
  • Simplifies management and expedites performance bottleneck troubleshooting
  • .

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