How to install Oracle Apex Listener 2.0.5 under Tomcat Application Server


This guide refer to Oracle Apex Listener 2.0.5 and installed on debian like server under Tomcat Application Server (Tomcat 7 for this guide).


First you must download the package of APEX Listener from Oracle site and then unzip the package on your server with command (use “sudo” if you not have right permission for do this and following S.O. commands):

# unzip –d apex_listener


Now you move the folder just created in the Oracle folder and give the right permissions to everyone for access this folder (for simplified I give an everyone full control).

# mv apex_listener <oraclefolder>

# chown –R tomcat7:tomcat7 <oraclefolder>/apex_listener

# chmod –R 777 <oraclefolder>/apex_listener/


For example our Oracle folder is: /u01/app/oracle.

Then copy the apex.war file from folder of Apex Listener to the Tomcat application folder.

# cp <oraclefolder>/apex_listener/apex.war <tomcatfolder>/webapps


For example our Tomcat folder is: /var/lib/tomcat7


You go to the Tomcat application folder and create a symbolic link to Apex images folder:

# ln -s <oraclefolder>/apex_app/images i


Now you run the listener for configure it:

# java -jar apex.war


During the wizard you must configure these settings:

·         Configuration folder: <oraclefolder>/apex_listener;

·         Instance server : <serverinstance> (e.g. localhost);

·         Instance Port: <portnumber> (e.g. 1521);

·         Identified instance type: 1 (Service) o 2 (SID);

·         Instance Name: <instancename> (e.g. XE);

·         User: APEX_PUBLIC_USER (set password);

·         Then skip other options.


Then you must give the ownership on the apex folder created into apex listener folder:

# chown -R tomcat7:tomcat7 <oraaclefolder>/apex_listener/apex


Eventually you restart Tomcat service:

# service tomcat7 restart

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